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Preview: Treatment of Agitation in Patients With Alzheimer Dementia


In this video, Craig Chepke, MD, DFAPA, and Kevin Williams, MS, MPAS, PA-C provide a preview of their session, "Agitation in Alzheimer’s Dementia: Progress for an Age-Old Problem ” at our Practical Updates in Primary Care 2023 Virtual Series on May 26. Dr Chepke and Mr Williams speak about the screening tools for agitation for patients with Alzheimer dementia, what treatments are available to treat the symptoms of agitation, and the shared decision making process for the disease.

Kevin Williams, MS, MPAS, PA-C, is the CEO and lead clinician OnPoint Behavioral Health (Tampa, Florida).

Craig Chepke, MD, DFAPA, psychiatrist and medical director at Excel Psychiatric Associates (Huntersville, North Carolina).

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Kevin Williams, MS, MPAS, PA-C: Hello, my name is Kevin Williams. I'm a psychiatric physician assistant working here in Tampa, Florida in the long-term care space for the past seven and a half years.

Craig Chepke, MD, DFAPA: Hi, my name's Dr Craig Chepke. I'm a psychiatrist and the medical director of Excel Psychiatric Associates in Huntersville, North Carolina. I'm also an adjunct associate professor of psychiatry for Atrium Health.

Kevin Williams: Today, we'll be sharing an underrecognized but very important symptom of Alzheimer dementia: agitation. We understand that there are significant areas of burden on the patient, family, and really society as a whole. Today, we will explore the screening and assessment tools for this very important symptom.

Dr Chepke: Then what I'll do is I'll take us on a walkthrough, the neurobiology that we think underlies the symptom of agitation and Alzheimer dementia, as well as some pharmacologic treatment options that have been utilized and that are upcoming, including a recently approved FDA option.

Kevin Williams: We'll then close out our session with a deeper look into the shared decision-making process, so we look forward to seeing you later today in our session.