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Preview: Improving Metabolic Syndrome With Your Patient


In this video, Karlijn Burridge, PA-C, provides a preview of her session "Partnering with Your Patient: Metabolic Syndrome” at our Practical Updates in Primary Care 2023 Virtual Series on May 26. Ms Burridge gives an overview of her session that discusses different ways physicians can effectively address metabolic syndrome with their patients.

Karlijn Burridge, PA-C, is an obesity medicine specialist at Enara Health (Glen Ellyn, Illinois). 

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Karlijn Burridge, PA-C: Hey everyone. My name is Karlijn Burridge, and I'm a PA and I specialize in obesity medicine. I'm the President of PAs in Obesity Medicine and I'm the Owner of Gaining Health. And I'd like to invite you to attend this session that I presented with Dr Michael Bloch, titled: "Opportunities to Improve Metabolic Syndrome with your Patient."

In this session, we'll review metabolic syndrome, discuss different ways to address lifestyle changes and pharmacotherapy with your patients, and take a deeper dive into using motivational interviewing, and the 5 A's model of behavior change to communicate effectively with your patients, and to strengthen your patient's own motivation, and commitment to changing these important health behaviors. So I hope you enjoy our session.