Managing Chronic Kidney Disease in Primary Care

In this video, James J. Matera, DO, speaks about the take-home messages from his session "A Primary Care Approach to CKD Management" at our Practical Updates in Primary Care 2022 Virtual Series, including defining chronic kidney disease and collaborating with a nephrologist.

James J. Matera, DO, FACOI, is a practicing nephrologist, Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs, and Chief Medical Officer at CentraState Medical Center (Freehold, New Jersey).

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Dr James Matera: Good afternoon. My name is Dr Jim Matera, I'm the senior vice president for medical affairs and chief medical officer at CentraState Hospital an affiliate of the Atlantic Healthcare System here in Freehold, New Jersey, and I'm also practicing nephrologist. And I just want to thank you for attending my session on dealing with the chronic kidney disease patient in primary care. We talked about a lot of things today, and some of the things that I hope you come home with is that not all patients with a low GFR have chronic kidney disease, and hopefully we've picked up some of the nuances with the estimated GFR pitfalls.

Number two is I hope you've gotten a better sense of what defines chronic kidney disease so that we can better identify these patients so that we can anticipate some of the downsides and outcome issues that we have to deal with down the road.

And number three, I'm all about communication and hopefully we've fostered a little bit better communication skills that you can work with your nephrologist in order to collaborate in the care of our chronic kidney disease patients. I think going forward, where our outcomes based on some of the newer medications we spoke about and how kidney patients are going to be handled in the future, I think we can have a major impact on improving the outcomes for chronic kidney disease and I'm looking forward to seeing you guys put that in action, and I hope you really enjoyed the talk. Thank you.