The 411 on a GLP-1


the 411 on a GLP-1

Join series host Dr. Jim Gavin, Clinical Professor of Medicine at Emory University and Chief Medical Officer for Healing our Village in Atlanta, Georgia, and fellow leaders in the field of diabetes as they tackle some of the challenges we face when treating T2D. Topics of discussion include clinical inertia, as well as the mechanism of action, dosing, efficacy, and safety of a GLP-1 RA for adults with T2D.


This podcast is sponsored by Novo Nordisk and is intended for clinicians.



Podcast Episode 1: Could This GLP-1 RA be Right for Your Adult Patients With T2D?
Join leaders in the field of diabetes Dr. Jim Gavin, Dr. Pablo Mora, and Dr. Bob Busch as they navigate through a clinical study. What do you need to know about using a GLP-1 RA for glycemic control with patients who have T2D? Are there any considerations for specific populations such as those who have moderate renal impairment?

Podcast Episode 2: How to Empower Patients with T2D Knowledge and Introduce a GLP-1 RA
Join this multidisciplinary discussion with Jim Gavin, MD; Curtis Triplitt, PharmD; and Jeffrey Unger, MD, as they review the mechanism of action, dosing, efficacy, and safety of a once-daily GLP-1 RA for adult patients with T2D. 

Podcast Episode 3: What T2D Therapy Have You Considered for Your Patients After Metformin? 
Join a multidisciplinary panel including Dr. Jim Gavin, Dr. Steve Vacalis, and Dr. Jodi Strong as they discuss and share their insights on the issues surrounding therapeutic inertia. They will also evaluate when to use a GLP-1 RA, and a clinical trial comparing efficacy and safety of a GLP-1 RA versus a DPP-4i.