Slideshow: Presentations of Conjunctivitis

  • In this slideshow, click through to review different presentations of conjunctivitis. Each slide includes a link to the full case report for more information.

  • Conjunctivitis With a Pseudomembrane

    A 21-year-old female initially presented to her primary care physician with a 1-week history of right eye redness, eyelid swelling, thin drainage, and a gritty sensation in her eye.

    The patient had right-sided conjunctival injection, her vision was normal, and pupils were equally reactive. She presented a week later with minimal improvement, spread of the original symptoms to the left eye, and a “growth” originating from her superior and inferior right eyelids and extending into her right conjunctiva.

    Read the full case report here.

  • Escherichia coli Conjunctivitis

    A full-term male infant, born via normal spontaneous vaginal delivery, presented at 17 hours of life with bilateral purulent conjunctivitis. Findings from the initial physical examination shortly after birth, including examination of the eyes, had been unremarkable. The newborn had received all routine vaccines and medications shortly after birth, including erythromycin ophthalmic ointment.

    Read the full case report here.

  • Gonococcal Conjunctivitis

    A 4-day-old girl was brought to the emergency department for evaluation of a copious discharge from the right eye with associated swelling and redness of the eyelid. The discharge began 2 days earlier and had become profuse and yellow-green. Chemosis and injection of the conjunctiva of the right eye were also noted. The left eye was unaffected. Pupils were equal and reactive to light, and extraocular movements were normal.

    Read the full case report here.

  • Bacterial Conjunctivitis

    For 2 days, a 4-year-old girl had complained of discomfort and a yellow discharge from the left eye. The left conjunctiva was hyperemic, but there was no preauricular lymphadenopathy. A swab from the left eye grew Haemophilus influenzae. The child was treated with topical chloramphenicol 0.5% eyedrops and had an uneventful recovery.

    Read the full case report here.